ARC SPARQL+ Endpoint (v2011-12-01)

This interface implements SPARQL and SPARQL+ via HTTP Bindings.

Enabled operations: select, construct, ask, describe, dump

Max. number of results : 2600


Output format (if supported by query type):
jsonp/callback (for JSON results)
API key (if required)
Show results inline:
Change HTTP method: GET POST
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf=""

  <rdf:Description rdf:about="">
    <rdf:type rdf:resource=""/>
    <ns1:sameAs rdf:resource=""/>
    <ns2:label xml:lang="en">Broadcast WAVE</ns2:label>
    <ns0:version>2 PCM Encoding</ns0:version>
    <ns3:description xml:lang="en">Broadcast WAVE is a chunk-based audio format developed by the European Broadcasting Union, and based on the Microsoft WAVE format, which is in turn based on the generic Resource Interchange File Format (RIFF) specification developed by Microsoft and IBM. Structurally, a BWAVE file is composed of a number of chunks, each comprising a four character code chunk identifier, the chunk size, and the chunk data. It comprises a RIFF header with a WAVE data type identifier, followed by a series of chunks. Every file must include a Broadcast Audio Extension chunk, containing metadata required for exchange of information between broadcasters, a Format chunk, which describes the format of the audio data, and a Data chunk, containing the audio data itself. BWAVE files which contain MPEG-encoded audio data must also include a Fact chunk, containing file-dependent information about the audio data, and an MPEG Audio Extension chunk, containing extra information required to describe the MPEG encoding.</ns3:description>
    <ns0:isDeprecated rdf:datatype="">false</ns0:isDeprecated>
    <ns0:formatType rdf:resource=""/>
    <ns4:hasMagic rdf:datatype="">true</ns4:hasMagic>
    <ns0:hasPRONOMContainerMagic rdf:datatype="">false</ns0:hasPRONOMContainerMagic>
    <ns0:hasPRONOMBinaryMagic rdf:datatype="">true</ns0:hasPRONOMBinaryMagic>
    <ns5:altLabel>BWAVE (2)</ns5:altLabel>
    <ns5:altLabel> BWF (2)</ns5:altLabel>
    <ns0:hasPriorityOver rdf:resource=""/>
    <ns0:hasPriorityOver rdf:resource=""/>
    <ns0:hasPriorityOver rdf:resource=""/>

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