the-fr [dot] org: API documentation

API functions are accessed by appending /api/ to the primary URL of the site, e.g., and further, appending the documented strings below, depending on the function you wish to access.

Supported API functions

The following is an exhaustive list of the functionality supported by

Alternative Identification Schemes

Alternative identifications schemes allow users to explore using known file-format identifiers.

Currently supported are PRONOM unique identifiers. In future identifiers such as UDFR will be supported.

URI examples are as follows:


PUIDS: PRONOM Unique Identifiers

There are two types of PUID, fmt, and x-fmt. You can access records matching a published PUID using the following notation:



/api/id/puid/xfmt/{no} examples:

Return types

The function will currently re-direct the agent to the record matching the requested PUID.

N.B. It may be necessary to eventually provide agents using this function call with a listing page where a PUID matches multiple records.

DROID Compatibility PUID search is compatible with the DROID tool , developed by The National Archives, UK. Open the tool, browse to Tools->Preferences->'Signature Updates' and change the PUID URL Pattern from: 


N.B. You might need to open a new DROID profile before changes take effect.


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