WordStar for MS-DOS Document


Name: WordStar for MS-DOS Document

Version: 4.0

Description: WordStar is a Word Processor application originally published by MicroPro. WS4 files currently cannot by identified though a PRONOM identification signature.

On the surface it's a plain text file, however the format 'shifts' the last byte of each word. Effectively it is 'flipping' the first bit of the ASCII character from 0 to 1. so a lower case 'r' (hex value 0x72) becomes 'ò' (hex value 0xF2); lower case 'd' (hex 0x64) becomes 'ä' (hex 0xE4) and so on.

It should be possible to write a simple decoder application for WS4 files, however note that the conjecture above is based on observation of a limited pool of files, and there may be additional subtleties yet to be encountered and understood. Please contact the PRONOM team if you have any further information about this format.

Deprecated: false


PUID: x-fmt/260

sameAs : PRONOM: http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/PRONOM/x-fmt/260

Extension: ws

Magic: false

Container Magic: false

Binary Magic: false

Signature Priority Over:

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Class: http://the-fr.org/def/format-registry/FileFormat

Type: http://the-fr.org/def/format-registry/WordprocessedText

SPARQL: http://the-fr.org/public/sparql/endpoint.php?query=describe+%3Chttp://the-fr.org/id/file-format/260%3E&output=&jsonp=&key=&show_inline=1