Outlook Express Folder Database


Name: Outlook Express Folder Database


Description: Outlook Express was an email program that was included with versions of Microsoft Windows prior to Windows Vista. Outlook Express saved messages in .dbx files, with each file containing the contents of an Outlook Express folder.

Deprecated: false


PUID: fmt/839

sameAs : PRONOM: http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/PRONOM/fmt/839

Extension: dbx

Magic: true

Container Magic: false

Binary Magic: true

Signature Priority Over:

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Class: http://the-fr.org/def/format-registry/FileFormat

Type: http://the-fr.org/def/format-registry/Email

SPARQL: http://the-fr.org/public/sparql/endpoint.php?query=describe+%3Chttp://the-fr.org/id/file-format/1292%3E&output=&jsonp=&key=&show_inline=1